When is it okay to ask if someone needs help?

There is no need to feel awkward or even uneasy around the blind people. Sometimes people feels the urge to a raise their voice when the speaking to them. Although one can not be aware they are doing this, the person who is blind can take it offensively. Please keep in mind that the other senses of the blind are usually intensified, not decreased. So keeping your voice at a normal pitch is best unless the person indicates that they have a hearing problem.

It is also offensive to blind people if you direct your questions toward the person assisting them rather than to the blind person themselves. They are not unable to answer the question. For instance, a waitress might ask the accompanying person what the blind person wants to eat. They know what they want to eat and are fully capable of answering.

Frequently people will see a blind person attempting to cross the street or attempting any other seemingly difficult task. You may have the urge just to walk up and try to lead them somewhere. However, rather than being welcomed by the blind person, this feels very intrusive to them. Most of them are well-trained in how to cross a street and have usually been doing so for a long time. It is okay to offer them help, just ask them first, “May I be of any assistance to you?” Even if they decline the help, they will certainly appreciate that you offered. Most blind people will be polite in their response to you, but some are extremely independent and may respond sharply. Please do not take offense; it is just their determination to be independent.

When assisting a blind person on an outing; allow him or her to place their hand on your shoulder, elbow or your upper arm. These methods are most preferred by blind people.

If you see a person with a guide dog, never pet the dog without permission. The dog is working when it is in the harness and should be left alone. Distractions will do more harm than good.

When speaking about something tangible, allow the person who is blind to touch and examine the item you are talking about. This shows your concern with involving them in the conversation, as they can only see with their hands.

Intense sunlight is certainly a nuisance for those who suffer from a migraine and sensitive eyes. Direct sunlight can hurt a person’s ability to function well, and the lack of sleep means that they will not be able to recuperate quickly from their condition. Blackout blinds ensure total darkness is present to the advantage of those who requires it.

Today, blackout blinds come in a pleasing variety of colors and designs and not just in color black. Choose your blackout shades that will match your interior design. So you can see, these blinds not only function well but can beautify your home too!

It is amazing just how capable blind people actually can be! I know first hand, as my husband is a blind man. He is capable of building and repairing computers proficiently as well as repairing items such as vacuum cleaners and stereos. There is also a long list of home maintenance projects he has done including replacing toilets and sinks; putting up doors and drywall, as well as many other amazing things.


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