When is it okay to ask if someone needs help?

There is no need to feel awkward or even uneasy around the blind people. Sometimes people feels the urge to a raise their voice when the speaking to them. Although one can not be aware they are doing this, the person who is blind can take it offensively. Please keep in mind that the other senses of the blind are usually intensified, not decreased. So keeping your voice at a normal pitch is best unless the person indicates that they have a hearing problem.

It is also offensive to blind people if you direct your questions toward the person assisting them rather than to the blind person themselves. They are not unable to answer the question. For instance, a waitress might ask the accompanying person what the blind person wants to eat. They know what they want to eat and are fully capable of answering.

Frequently people will see a blind person attempting to cross the street or attempting any other seemingly difficult task. You may have the urge just to walk up and try to lead them somewhere. However, rather than being welcomed by the blind person, this feels very intrusive to them. Most of them are well-trained in how to cross a street and have usually been doing so for a long time. It is okay to offer them help, just ask them first, “May I be of any assistance to you?” Even if they decline the help, they will certainly appreciate that you offered. Most blind people will be polite in their response to you, but some are extremely independent and may respond sharply. Please do not take offense; it is just their determination to be independent.

When assisting a blind person on an outing; allow him or her to place their hand on your shoulder, elbow or your upper arm. These methods are most preferred by blind people.

If you see a person with a guide dog, never pet the dog without permission. The dog is working when it is in the harness and should be left alone. Distractions will do more harm than good.

When speaking about something tangible, allow the person who is blind to touch and examine the item you are talking about. This shows your concern with involving them in the conversation, as they can only see with their hands.

Intense sunlight is certainly a nuisance for those who suffer from a migraine and sensitive eyes. Direct sunlight can hurt a person’s ability to function well, and the lack of sleep means that they will not be able to recuperate quickly from their condition. Blackout blinds ensure total darkness is present to the advantage of those who requires it.

Today, blackout blinds come in a pleasing variety of colors and designs and not just in color black. Choose your blackout shades that will match your interior design. So you can see, these blinds not only function well but can beautify your home too!

It is amazing just how capable blind people actually can be! I know first hand, as my husband is a blind man. He is capable of building and repairing computers proficiently as well as repairing items such as vacuum cleaners and stereos. There is also a long list of home maintenance projects he has done including replacing toilets and sinks; putting up doors and drywall, as well as many other amazing things.

What special accommodations can be made for the visually impaired?

Blindness cases have gone up in Minnesota. As diabetes risk increases so do this complication. The Department of Health in Minnesota released the statistics that the leading cause of blindness is diabetes. Around 500 to 800 become blind each year due to the complications of this condition.

The most common eye disease that is related to diabetes is retinopathy, but this should not be the case. Why? Because MOA or the Minnesota Optometric Association says that early treatment of this condition decreases the severe vision loss by 50-60%. This is the best time to raise the awareness of this condition as there have been anecdotal records on how people deal with this problem.

For example, a 57-year old lawyer in Toronto barely has any vision and relies on specialized equipment to help him in his work and dealings with his family. His assistant used to print out the documents in extra large print, but now the lawyer has other technology that helps him.

One thing he uses is a desktop closed-circuit television which has a video camera and a computer monitor. He puts the document on the tray below the camera. The magnified image is beamed up to a screen. The words are one inch high.

This lawyer is lucky in a way because he was referred to a low-vision rehabilitation clinic where he was able to get advanced visual aids that lessened the burden of his disability. LVR helps patients through the use of personalized devices and training so they can use whatever remaining vision they have as best as they can.

Low visual rehabilitation is for people who are no longer helped by standard therapies like strong reading classes. By this time also, they are told by their eye care specialists that they can no longer help. LVR will not bring back the lost vision, but it means that people could keep their job longer and maintain their independence.

As in the case of the lawyer, he was prescribed two devices after a detailed assessment. He was able to use a two-inch long telescope that attaches to his glasses and a pair of prismatic lenses. The lawyer wears the telescope in a string around his neck. He uses this when he needs to see anything far.

The president of the MOA Board of Trustees, Dr. Tina McCarty, who is also an optometrist at Eye Care Center said that diabetes could be managed properly via an integrated health program. This should advocate a yearly complete eye exam. People should know that diabetes can cause vision loss and will need regular exams.

About 60% of type 1 diabetics will have signs of retinopathy after ten years. After fifteen years, nearly all type 1 diabetics will have retinopathy. The trouble is that patient may not notice the signs. This is a problem because early discovery and treatment are important to prevent blindness.

Changes in the retina’s blood vessels may lead to diabetic neuropathy. In this case, the blood vessels may swell, and fluid will leak. In other cases, abnormal blood vessels may grow right on the retina’s surface. Blindness could be the result of these changes. What can we do to avoid this?

Get an eye exam every year, so it will be caught early. Once the diabetic retinopathy is here, take the medication as the doctor ordered. Keep eating a healthy diet and stay on a regular exercise program. Also, control the high blood pressure and high blood sugar. And last but not least, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Here are the signs of retinopathy. See the eye doctor if you have any of these symptoms:

– Blurry vision
– Both or one eye hurts
– Feeling pressure in the eye
– Seeing double, spots or floaters
– Having trouble reading
– Can’t see things at the sides as well as before

There you have a background information on retinopathy. You have the knowledge on what to do to avoid this dreadful complication. There are also excellent visual aids that could help you keep your job longer and maintain your independence. It is not the end of the word when faced with the possibility of blindness.

What is braille?

Everything that exists has a meaning. Thus, it should be known that each single word that we use in a language is not just a word and therefore, it should be understood and determined by everybody, even by people who are awful enough not to see.

Today, Braille is used worldwide for writing and reading for visually impaired and partially located people. On account of modernization and high innovation, the invention and prominence of computers, people now have more accessible and simple ways to learn Braille. What’s more, many books are translated into Braille. This opportunity is an advantage to the visually impaired people to help them understand things.

The Braille system was produced by Louis Braille; it is a writing system that uses spots to replicate any images, for visually impaired people to have the capacity to read any texts. The Braille writing system does not just order letters or numbers, but it likewise includes melodic notes and helps an individual to investigate and read any outside languages.

The importance of proficiency is recognized for the most part, especially today. A high percentage of education can make a positive impact on the economy of the general public. Thus, the importance of the Braille system and Braille translation services is extremely high.

Moreover, deciphering printed text into the Braille system is very like translating languages. Nonetheless, it should be recalled that Braille is not a language but a writing system for visually impaired people. The expression Braille translation can mislead since this is not the same kind of translation as saying Croatian translation. Braille transcription might be the more precise term. In any case, it should be transcribed appropriately. A man that is visually impaired and is literate in the Braille system can transform his or her life. Braille helps an individual to pick up business, provides encouragement education and above all else, it helps less lucky people to be freer.

Today, there are a lot of specialist companies who give Braille products whether it is teaching, interpreting or translating composed record into the Braille writing system. Seeking assistance from a Braille transcription service supplier can be expensive. Notwithstanding, acquiring Braille services from translation and interpreting service suppliers is a guarantee that the final result is exact and thus, it is hassle-free.
Maybe, you can acquire Braille translation services from the specialists whose profession is giving a quality Braille services, but the lucky actuality is that the translation industry offers an extensive variety of translation and interpreting services, which incorporate deciphering the Braille system. Thus, reliable translation and interpreting agencies can give a decent quality and professional Braille final result.
Moreover, while using Braille translation devices or programming is significant also, but seeking assistance from human Braille translators is truly vital. Braille translation is recently more than making or interpreting a text that relates to another language. It should be noted that all pictures are meaningless and useless to a visually impaired individual; thus a human Braille interpreter is a lot more compelling that those Braille devices.

More About Being Blind

Quite a while back, my school division sent me in Southern Ontario to take after a course that would set me up to instruct Braille to one of my future understudies. While concentrating over yonder, I didn’t just learn far beyond Braille, yet I additionally met two companions that were legally blind. One was utilizing a white stick and large print while the other was honored by the valuable help of a guide-pooch.

That is the point at which my insight ended up noticeably handy as well as a feature of my normal daily existence with them amid my stay there. Trust me; I didn’t just find out about perusing and composing Braille additionally how to guide, play, get ready exercises, investigate and encounter regular undertakings and exercises like somebody that either was conceived or turned out to be legally blind.

What is the distinction between being outwardly weakened and legally blind?

All things considered, being outwardly hindered implies that your vision is either influenced by visual issues, for example, having no fringe vision, having low vision while it is better than 5% or having issues finding in specific zones of your vision, for example, in front, in spots, not finding in 3-D or shading, and so on.

What does “legally blind” means? All that it means is that your vision is 5% and less or that your obvious weaknesses are severe to the point that the rate of original vision likewise fits in this class.

One thing that I soon found was that regardless of poor visual perception, it is astounding to perceive how great, different faculties moved toward becoming with time. My companions made me focus on all the data that different faculties give you yet lamentably as the vast majority depend on such a great amount of visual signs, we have a tendency to be negligent of points of interest and data that we come to underestimate.

My companions additionally disclosed to me how to depict an action without overlooking critical strides, how to guide somebody successfully, the proper behavior with and around a guide-pooch and a great deal more.

As time passed by, I likewise took in the passionate good and bad times related with confronting the challenges identified with continuously winding up plainly legally blind, how to end up plainly autonomous and not rely on upon exclusively on others. And at long last, managing the grieving required with the loss of sight and the way that they will never have the capacity to appreciate completely the magnificence of nightfall, butterflies and other visual fortunes that we underestimate.

The human retina has two kinds of light cells. The rod cells that is active in a low light and the cone cells that are active in a normal day light. In a normal eye, there are three kinds of cones that contain different pigments. These pigments are activated when it absorbs the light. The absorption capacity of the cones differ, one is sensitive to a short wavelength, one to a medium wavelength and the other one to a long wavelength. The absorption capacity of these three systems covers much of the visible spectrum.

The most important lessons that I gotten the hang of amid this course is the way that not just individuals ought to figure out how to welcome the many advantages of sight additionally how to acknowledge and live in outwardly disabled and legally blind individuals’ shoes by utilizing a blindfold or uncommonly outlined goggles.







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Blind vs. Legally Blind

Is there a difference between being blind and being legally blind? There definitely is.  While I might not be able to describe the difference to you, these two guys sure can.  Take a look!